Monday, 29th August

Neuropsychological Diagnosis (Cipolotti)

Neurological vs Neuropsychological Diagnosis (Cappa)

Tuesday, 30th August

Frontal Lobe Assessment (MacPherson)

Higher Motor Deficits (Vingerhoets)

Higher Visual Functions (Niedeggen)

Neglect and Anosognosia (Jehkonen)

From Observation to Paper (Della Sala, Chambers, Vingerhoets)

Wednesday, 31st August

Understanding and using "R" (Allerhand)

On why should go Bayesian (Dienes)

Thursday, 1st September

Relevance of Clinical Neuroanatomy in clinical practice (Thiebaut de Schotten)

Methodological advances (Lohmann)

Functional Connectivity (Tettamanti)