L. Kuchinke / Curriculum Vitae

Curriculum Vitae


Dr. Lars Kuchinke

Allgemeine und Neurokognitive Psychologie

Freie Universität Berlin

Habelschwerdter Allee 45

14195 Berlin






born: October 29th, 1976, in Gera, Germany




2007                    Freie Universität Berlin, Dr. phil (Psychology), summa cum laude

                            (Supervisor: Prof. Arthur M. Jacobs)

2002                    Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Diploma in Psychology

                            (Supervisor: Prof. Elke van der Meer)

1996 - 2006           Humboldt Universität zu Berlin, Psychology and Statistics



Professional Experience

2008 -                Research fellow at the Cluster of Excellence 'Languages of Emotion'

2007 -                    Postdoctoral research fellow, Freie Universität Berlin

2006 - 2007            Research fellow, Freie Universität Berlin

2004 - 2006            Ph.D. research, Freie Universität Berlin, DFG project

1999 - 2004            Student research fellow, Humboldt Universität zu Berlin


Ad hoc reviewer for

Biological Psychology, Brain Research, Cognitive Brain Research, Cognitive Affective and Behavioral Neuroscience, Journal  of Neurolinguistics, Neuropsychologia, Psychophysiology, Social Cognitive Affective Neuroscience


Research Interests

Visual word recognition, incidental processing of emotionally valenced words, early effects of emotional stimuli

Emotion and Cognition, cross-modal effects of emotional stimuli, Aesthetic emotions

Recognition memory, familiarity and recollection, receiver operating characteristics,

Semantic memory, representation of temporal order

fMRI, pupillometrics, eyetracking, computational modelling, fNIRS



Journal Articles

  • Briesemeister, B. B., Kuchinke, L. & Jacobs, A. M. (2011). Discrete Emotion Norms for Nouns - Berlin Affective Word List (DENN-BAWL). Behavior Research Methods, 43(2), 441-448.  DOI:10.3758/s13428-011-0059-y
  • Kuchinke, L., Hofmann, M.J., Jacobs, A.M., Frühholz, S., Tamm, S., Herrmann, M. (2011). Human striatal activation during adjustment of the response criterion in visual word recognition. NeuroImage, 54(3), 2412-2417
  • Kuchinke, L., Schneider, D., Kotz, S. A., Jacobs, A. M. (2011). Spontaneous but not explicit processing of positive sentences impaired in Asperger's syndrome: Pupillometric evidence. Neuropsychologia, 49, 331-338.
  • Benny B. Briesemeister, Markus J. Hofmann, Lars Kuchinke, Arthur M. Jacobs (2011). "The BAWL databases in research on emotional word processing". In: Julian Heister, Edmund Pohl, Kay-Michael Würzner (eds.). "Lexical Resources in Psycholinguistic Research: Proceedings of the Workshop Held at the Forth Conference on Quantitative Investigations in Theoretical Linguistics (qitl4) on the 28th of March 2011". Potsdam Cognitive Science Series (vol. 3). Universitätsverlag Potsdam, in press.
  • Briesemeister, B.B., Hofmann, M.J., Tamm, S., Kuchinke, L., Braun, M.M. &  Jacobs A.M. (2009). The pseudohomophone effect: Evidence for an orthography-phonology-conflict. Neuroscience Letters, 455, 124-128.
  • Hofmann, M.J., Kuchinke, L., Tamm, S., Võ, M. L.-H, & Jacobs, A.M. (2009). Affective processing within 1/10th of a second: High arousal is necessary for early facilitative processing of negative but not positive words. Cognitive, Affective, & Behavioral Neurscience, 9(4), 389-397.
  • Kuchinke, L., Trapp, S., Jacobs, A.M., & Leder, H. (2009). Pupillary responses in art appreciation: effects of aesthetic emotions. Psychology of Aesthetics, Creativity and the Arts, 3(3), 156-163.
  • Võ, M. L.-H., Conrad, M., Kuchinke, L., Hartfeld, K., Hofmann, M.J., & Jacobs, A.M. (2009). THE BERLIN AFFECTIVE WORD LIST RELOADED (BAWL-R). Behavior Research Methods, 41(2), 534-539.
  • Kuchinke, L., van der Meer, E., Kruger, F. (2009). Differences in processing of taxonomic and sequential relations in semantic memory: An fMRI investigation. Brain and Cognition.
  • Voßkühler, A., Nordmeier, V., Kuchinke, L., Jacobs, A.M. (2008). OGAMA - OpenGazeAndMouseAnalyzer: Open source software designed to analyze eye and mouse movements in slideshow study designs. Behavior Research Methods, 40(4), 1150-1162.
  • Hofmann, M. J., Herrmann, M. J., Dan, P., Obrig, H., Conrad, M., Kuchinke, L., Jacobs, A. M., & Fallgatter, A.J. (2008). Differential activation of frontal and parietal regions during visual word recognition: An optical topography study. NeuroImage, 40(3), 1339-1348.
  • Võ, M., L.-H., Jacobs, A. M., Kuchinke, L., Hofmann, M., Conrad, M., Schacht, A. & Hutzler, F. (2008). The Coupling of Emotion and Cognition in the Eye: Introducing the Pupil Old/New Effect. Psychophysiology, 45(1), 130-140.
  • Kuchinke, L., Võ, M. L.-H., Hofmann, M., Jacobs, A. M. (2007). Pupillary responses during lexical decisions vary with word frequency but not emotional valence. International Journal of Psychophysiology, 65 (2), 132-140.
  • Kuchinke, L., Jacobs, A. M., Võ, M. L.-H., Conrad, M., Grubich, C., & Herrmann, M. (2006). Modulation of prefrontal cortex activation by emotional words in recognition memory. NeuroReport, 17(10), 1037-1041.
  • Kuchinke, L., Jacobs, A. M., Grubich, C., Võ, M. L.-H., Conrad, M., & Herrmann, M. (2005). Incidental effects of emotional valence in single word processing: An fMRI study. NeuroImage, 28(4), 1022-1032.
  • Schlemmer, K.B., Kulke, F., Kuchinke, L., Van der Meer, E. (2005). Absolute pitch and pupillary response. Psychophysiology, 42(4), 465-472.
  • Van der Meer, E., Friedrich, M., Nuthmann, A., Stelzel, C. & Kuchinke L. (2003). Picture-word matching: flexibility in conceptual memory and pupillary responses. Psychophysiology, 40(6), p.904-13.

Books/ book chapters

  • Kuchinke, L., Jacobs, A.M., Grubich, C., Vo, M.L.-H., Conrad, M., & Herrmann, M. (2007). Incidental effects of emotional valence in single word processing. In: Herrmann, M. & Thiel, Ch. (Eds.) Topics in Advanced Neuroimaging. Oldenburg: bis-Publishers. pp. 31-34.
  • Van der Meer, E., Krüger, F., Strauch, D. & Kuchinke, L. (2006). Coding of Temporal Order Information in Semantic Memory. In P. Harris, M. Crawford, A.J. Parker (Eds.), Study of Time XII: Time and Memory . Herndon, VA: Brill Academic Publishers.
  • Kuchinke, L. & Schleusener , M. (2004). Induktive Statistik und Wahrscheinlichkeitsrechnung. Arbeitsbuch, STUDEO VERLAG: Berlin.

Dissertation Thesis

Published Abstracts, Posters

  • Voßkühler, A., Kuchinke, L., Jacobs, A.M., & Nordmeier, V. (2007). OGAMA - OpenGazeAndMouseAnalyzer. Poster präsentiert auf der ECEM2007, Potsdam.
  • Kuchinke, L., Jacobs, A.M., Võ, M. L.-H., Conrad, M., Grubich, C., & Herrmann, M. (2006). Modulation of prefrontal cortex activation by emotional words in recognition memory. Poster, präsentiert auf dem Berlin Neuroscience Forum 2006, Liebenwalde.
  • Kuchinke, L., Krüger, F. & van der Meer, E. (2002). Präfrontaler Cortex: Exekutive Funktionen und Zeitfolgeverarbeitung. Poster, präsentiert auf der TeaP 2002, Chemnitz.
  • Kuchinke, L., Krüger, F. & van der Meer, E. (2002). Zur Dissoziierbarkeit exekutiver Funkionen: Eine fMRI-Studie. Poster, präsentiert auf dem 43. Kongreß der Deutschen Gesellschaft für Psychologie, Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin.