Information for Incoming Erasmus Students

Information for Incoming Erasmus Students can be found here:


Special note for incoming ERASMUS-students from universities tutored by Prof. Issing

If you have been nominated by your university as Erasmus student for the Freie Universitaet Berlin (FU Berlin) your university has to send your name, eMail-adress, and your field of study to the Erasmus-Office of the FU. Then you will receive an information package on the application procedure from our Erasmus office (accommodation, transportation and student registration). In case you should need additional information on organizational matters, please get in touch with


Iltisstr. 2 (U-Bahnhof Thielplatz)
14195 Berlin

Tel. +49 30 838 57993, und


Prof. Issing acts as academic advisor/tutor especially for students coming from the University of Palma de Mallorca (UIB). Students from other universities should address Dr. Petri (for students in Psychology) or Prof. Dr. Wulf (for students in Education or Teacher Training).

Concerning the learning agreement, please insert into the first draft of the learning agreement only the major study areas (for example introduction to clinical psychology, cognitive psych.) in which you would like to take courses at the FU Berlin. For an orientation about courses you may access the course catalogue of the last semester since the actual catalogue of courses appeares only four weeks before the courses start.

After you have arrived in Berlin, please study the catalogue of courses "Vorlesungsverzeichnis" of the FU Berlin in the internet carefully, visit some courses you are interested in during the first two weeks, ask the professor what he/she requires for earning how many ECTS credits. After you have decided what courses you really will take, fill in the revision form of the Learning Agreement.

In the German system there are usually no ECTS credits mentioned to the courses. For a rough orientation you can take a look at the following table (mixed forms of courses are possible):


COURSE FORM  ECTS depending on the work load
V: Vorlesung (lecture) 2-3
Ü: Übung (lecture with tutorial parts) 3-5
S: Seminar (seminar) 3-5
SÜ: Seminaristische Übung (seminar with tutorial parts) 3-4
PÜ: Praktische Übung (practical course or lab course) 2-8
PL: Praxisintegrierende Lehre (seminar with practical parts) 3-5
C: Colloquium 2-3

Depending on the course the work load for each course in the Diplom program can vary widely. Please contact the lecturer/instructor for more information. For a preliminary LA you can use the ECTS credits listed in the table.

If courses do not show the number of ECTS-Credit points, please ask the professor of every course in the first two weeks of the semester how many credits you can earn, and what study work you have to do in the course.

In some cases ERASMUS-Students can get up to the double amount of credits due to their language problems. In any case please contact the professor or lecturer of the course.

How to read the Course Catalogue:

You find the catalogue of courses offered for the coming semester in the Department of Education and Psychology in the internet at

Because of a cooperation agreement between all universities in Berlin and Potsdam incoming ERASMUS-students are entitled to take some of their courses  at other universities. This courses can also be listed in the study agreement.

Course catalogues of other cooperating universities in Berlin or Brandenburg:

Humboldt-Universität zu Berlin:

Technische Universität Berlin:

Universität Potsdam:


Advice for Stundents of Teacher Training : Please pay special attention to the courses in the categories "1.Lehrveranstaltungen für Lehramtsstudiengänge" and "5. Grundschulpädagogik" and courses offered by the Zentrum für Lehrerbildung (Center for Teacher Training).

Students of Teacher Training may also take didactic courses offered in the particular science departments (e.g. Natural Sciences or Languages).

Courses for Teacher Training in Arts and Music, students of the Freie Universitaet Berlin are entitled to choose from the course catalogues of the University of the Arts Berlin (
Courses for Teacher Training in Special Education (physical and cognitive handicaps), students of the FU Berlin are entitled to choose courses from the course catalogue of the Humboldt Universitaet Berlin (
Please check the website of the respective departments for detailed information.

In order to have your study agreement signed by me, apply for my office hour by E-Mail ludwig.issing(at)

We recommend that you attend a German language course one month before the semester starts.