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Evaluation of a Preschool Language Training Program in the Land Brandenburg


Evaluation of a preschool language training program in the Land Brandenburg

Research Scientist

Katrin Wolf

Student Assistant

Annegret Kieschnick


Ministerium für Bildung, Jugend und Sport des Landes Brandenburg [Ministry for Education, Youth and Sport of the Land Brandenburg]

Funding Period

August 2008 - July 2010

Project Description

According to assessments of literacy skills, it is assumed that children’s linguistic performance at start of the first school year often doesn't fit the requirements to attend school appropriately. Therefore, kindergarten teachers have been trained for the realization of a language training program in their kindergartens in Brandenburg since March 2006. These trainings are geared to the approach of Häuser and Jülisch (2006) that is characterized by the integration of the language training in the kindergarten daily routine. Aim of the evaluation study of the compensatory language training program is to assess the program efficacy under real conditions.

In a design with pretest, posttest and follow-up preschool, children will be observed for two years. The first investigation in September/October 2008 will concentrate on the assessment of the children's linguistic stage of development, ratings by their preschool teachers and context variables asked of their parents. The language training will be executed with children with language-based deficits in the proximate months. Short-term effects will be assessed by a second investigation in June 2009 and long-term effects one year later at the end of the first school year. In a comparative condition, the linguistic development of children who won’t attend the language training will be also assessed.

The study's aim is to show whether children with language problems are empowered by the training program to perform better when entering school.