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PISA 2009

PISA 2009

Research Scientist

Michael Segeritz

Student Assistant

Sandra Wosniak

Project in Cooperation with

National PISA 2009 Consortium: Prof. Dr. Eckhard Klieme (spokesperson), Prof. Dr. Cordula Artelt, Prof. Dr. Olaf Köller (associate member), Prof. Dr. Manfred Prenzel, Prof. Dr. Wolfgang Schneider



Funding Period


Project Description

The Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA 2009) is an internationally standardized assessment. It measures the competencies in reading, mathematics and science of 15-year-old students in more than 60 countries worldwide. On behalf of the Conference of the Ministers of Education (KMK), the German Institute for International Educational Research (DIPF) is the national project manager. Prof. Petra Stanat is a member of the German PISA consortium headed by Prof. Eckhard Klieme.