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Evaluation of "prima(r)forscher -Naturwissenschaftliches Lernen im Grundschulnetzwerk"

Evaluation of “prima(r)forscher - Naturwissenschaftliches Lernen im Grundschulnetzwerk” (“Primary Researchers – Learning in the Sciences within the Elementary School Network”)

How can children’s natural curiosity and inquisitiveness be encouraged and cultivated in elementary schools? How can scientific phenomena be explained clearly and in an exciting way? And how do schoolchildren discover their own paths to learning? The “prima(r)forscher” project helps selected elementary schools raise their profiles in the sciences and develop an age-appropriate culture of learning for children. The schools work together with experts as well as partners not affiliated with the school and form a transnational quality network in which the schools and partners exchange information and educate each other on an ongoing basis. A jointly developed collection of materials and practical information for science learning at the elementary school level serves as the basis for excellent research and learning.


This project was begun through a joint initiative of the German Children and Youth Foundation (Deutsche Kinder- und Jugendstiftung) and the German Telekom Foundation (Deutsche Telekom Stiftung). We are performing the evaluation of the project. The evaluation project is taking place at the Institute for School Development and the Institute for Qualitative Research of the International Academy for Innovative Pedagogy, Psychology and Economics at Freie Universität Berlin (INA gGmbH).