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Lecture: Neurocognitive Psychology

Tuesday, 2-4pm, HS 2


In this lecture we will explore recent developments in the cognitive neurosciences. The advantages and disadvantages of neuroimaging techniques will be discussed in relation to cognitive paradigms used in studies on brain functioning. The lecture will thereby cover different topics in neurocognitive psychology, such as language, cognition and emotion.


Lecture Outline

[the lecture is based on the textbooks 'Cognition, Brain and Consciousness' by Bernard Baars and 'The students' guide to cognitive neuroscience' by Jamie Ward. A reader can be obtained from our office at JK 27 /232.


1. Introduction part1
2. Methods part1   part2
3. Working Memory Framework part1
4. Vision part1   part2
5. Hearing, Speech & Language part1   part2
6. Learning & Memory part1   part2
7. Emotion part1
8. Social Cognition part1


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