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The General Linear Model 20/21

This course provides an introduction to the general linear model (GLM). The GLM affords a unifying perspective on classical frequentist statistical methods such as T and F tests, simple and multiple linear regression, the analysis of variance, and the analysis of covariance. In addition, the mathematical machinery of the GLM forms the basis for many more advanced data analysis methods ranging from frequentist mixed linear models to neural networks to Bayesian hierarchical models.

1 Introduction Matlab Video
2 Sets, sums, and functions Matlab Video
3 Calculus Matlab  Video
4 Matrices Matlab  Video
5 Probability and random variables    Video
6 Expectation and correlation Matlab  Video 
7 Probability distributions Matlab  Video 
8 Maximum likelihood estimation Matlab  Video 
9 Statistics distributions Matlab  Video 
10 Statistical testing  Matlab  Video 
11 T tests and simple linear regression Matlab Video
12 Multiple linear regression Matlab Video
13 One-way ANOVA Matlab Video
14 Two-way ANOVA Matlab Video
15 ANCOVA Matlab Video