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Social Media Workshop: Scientific Research from Brain to Behavior

A workshop on recent advances in social media research.

News vom 30.06.2014

A significant portion of the global human population regularly uses social networking websites; Facebook alone has over 1.2 billion active users. With this many people using these sites, the fundamental way that humans relate to one another and share information is changing. Therefore, many scientists have started asking questions about why we use these online social networks and what type of effects these sites are having on us. This research emanates from a variety of fields, including psychology and neuroscience. This workshop aims to bring together scientists from these various fields to provide a platform to discuss the current state of research on social media use. Workshop participants will share their empirical findings in the hopes of tackling the methodological and conceptual issues in this nascent field of social media research. The workshop is free to attend and will consist of one day of talks and a poster session to encourage discussion and collaboration between researchers.

For more information on registration, paper submission, venue and program, please follow this link.

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