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Interventionsstrategien in Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung [MPH-2]

(LV 12824)

RaumK 23/27

Donnerstags 20.15 - 21.45 Uhr

April 16/30, May, 7/14/28, June 4/25, July 2/9/16 + one workshop (date tbd)



Aldana, S. (2005). The Culprit and the Cure. Mapleton: Maple Mountain Press.

 American Journal of Health Promotion. http://www.healthpromotionjournal.com/publications/journal.htm


With the increasing significance of health promotion worldwide, programs and strategies are being implemented in many different settings and countries. Ample evidence has been produced of the health, social, economic and political impacts of health promotion. Whether in workplaces, schools, hospitals, universities, or municipalities, health promotion programs are making a positive impact on people’s health and quality of life. Effective health promotion strategies touch upon three major conceptual elements: assessment & needs analysis, programs and evaluation. In addition, strategies are being formed on the macro level to influence political decision makers and make recommendations for political action.

 This seminar will take a close look at macro and micro level intervention strategies at the workplace. Students will be introduced to conceptual frameworks for strategies as well as practical examples and case studies from various countries. The following programming elements will be examined:

  • Health risk assessment and program design
  • Management and marketing
  • Evaluation and cost-benefit
  • Global programming

 Special attention will be paid to the workplace as a setting and how different cultures and mentalities affect the nature of intervention strategies and programs. The students will discuss the value and relevance of the introduced strategies for health promotion programming in Germany. In addition, expert guest speakers will be featured (e.g. from China).

 Die Veranstaltung wird in Englisch angeboten.