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Basiskompetenzen zur Prävention und Gesundheitsförderung [MPH-2]


RaumJ 24/22

Seminar Donnerstags um 20:15 – 21:45 an folgenden Terminen:

Oktober 16, 30, November 20, 27, Dezember 11, 18, Januar 10, 17, 24, Februar 7, 14

+ 2 Workshops im Februar





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Health promotion continues to gain credibility worldwide. A growing number of countries are now offering academic degrees in health promotion and disease prevention, whether undergraduate, graduate, or postgraduate. The field of health promotion has a unique opportunity to play a more significant role in the future.  Health care systems are being reformed and placing greater emphasis on maintaining health and companies are playing a more active role in health promotion in order to reduce costs and improve employee performance and motivation.

  • Are health promotion professionals ready to step up and advance the field?
  • Do they have the necessary skills?
  • How can current academic programs be improved? 
  • Will the field become a recognized profession?

The seminar will address these questions and analyze the current international status of health promotion. The students will also discuss needed skills and competencies of the modern health promotion professional. Special emphasis will be placed on the workplace setting and the latest trends and advances. A global perspective will be taken by examining the development of health promotion in other countries, e.g., United States, Canada, Australia, Brazil, European Union, with a focus on how the professional in Germany can learn from these international experiences and thus become a valuable asset to the changing health care system.

Die Veranstaltung wird in Englisch angeboten. Es können jedoch auch Blöcke in deutscher Sprache stattfinden abhängig von den Voraussetzungen der Teilnehmerinnen.