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Evaluation and Quality Management in Education and Psychology

Helga Jäger

Studies of evaluation are becoming increasingly important to both psychologists and teachers. The reasons behind this development include not only the obligation to ensure that psychosocial and teaching activities are effective and efficient, but also the increasingly widespread requirements for quality assurance in these times of dwindling public resources and growing awareness of problems on the part of the players in psychosocial and instructional fields.


The Evaluation and Quality Management in Education and Psychology Division was established as an interface between the academic fields of education and psychology.


Its main tasks include taking research into evaluation in psychological and teacher training increasingly into account and reviewing strategies for quality assurance and quality management, to determine whether they are applicable to psychology and education and, if so, making them manageable for these applications.


The division aims to support these goals in particular through the application-related research conducted within the unit, because there is a particular interest in the transfer of academic and scientific findings into actual practice. To ensure that this transfer is possible, the division offers not only research services, but also continuing education courses and training seminars on the following main topics.


Current areas of emphasis in our work include:

  • Methods of study of evaluation
  • Evaluation and quality assurance in psychosocial fields (education, promotion of health, and prevention)
  • Acquisition of competencies among students
  • Health competencies
  • e-learning
  • Higher education research
  • Promotion of teaching skills among junior scholars at higher education institutions


The division’s courses are offered in the study fields of both psychology and education. There is also the option of writing term papers, final papers, and degree theses within this division and completing research internships here.