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Health monitoring and risk constellations for early retirement in the police service

Health monitoring and health promotion interventions at the Berlin police

  • Duration: April 2015 to December 2018
  • Project management: Prof. Dr. Dieter Kleiber and Prof. Dr. Babette Renneberg
  • Research associates: M.Sc. Andreas Santa Maria, M.Sc. Stephanie Georg and M.Sc. Christine Wolter


In 2013, a health monitoring was carried out in a Berlin directorate in a cooperation project of the Berlin police with the working group Public Health: Prevention and Psychosocial Health Research (Director: Prof. Dr. Kleiber) and Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy (Director: Prof. Dr. Renneberg). The current working conditions, the state of health, health behaviour and health risks of the employees were recorded, as well as correlations with the consequences of stress/strain. In addition, subjective determinants of early retirement were determined from the perspective of police officers and superiors. The aim of these analyses was to identify possible starting points for the reduction of work-related strain in order to be able to derive target group-specific prevention measures and thus to contribute to the reduction of health-related and motivational performance limitations and early retirement.

In the continuation project "Health monitoring and interventions for health promotion at the Berlin police force" the health monitoring was extended and carried out in another directorate (Health Monitoring 2016). The results of the Health Monitoring 2013 were used to derive specific intervention needs for police officers and managers. The development, implementation and evaluation of the interventions were another part of the continuation project. Subsequently, the health monitoring of 2013 was repeated in the respective Berlin police headquarters (Health Monitoring 2017).


If you have any questions, suggestions, wishes or comments, please send an email to a.santamaria[at]fu-berlin.de, st.georg[at]fu-berlin.de or christine.wolter[at]fu-berlin.de.

  • Former employees: Franziska Wörfel (research assistant), Sinha Engel, Julia Thiele and Mara-Lena Cibis (student assistants).