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Main research interests

  • Social cognition and interaction
  • Emotional regulation and cognitive control
  • Clinical-psychological intervention research (process and outcome) - including I-REACH
  • Prevention, health promotion and resources - including ProChild

Externally funded projects:

  • BMBF project "Evaluation of a training course to promote the parenting skills of mothers with borderline personality disorder - ProChild" (contact: Charlotte Rosenbach and Jana Zitzmann)
  • DFG project on the relationship between cognitive control and emotion regulation (contact: Ulrike Zetsche, Lars Schulze, Julian Bohländer)
  • DFG project on neurobiological mechanisms of cognitive training in patients with obsessive-compulsive disorder (contact: Stephan Heinzel)
  • DFG-Project on Neurobiological Mechanisms of Multi-Tasking Training in Older Persons (DFG-Project within a DFG priority program on "Multi-Tasking"; contact: Stephan Heinzel)
  • DFG-Project on Neurobiological Mechanisms of Sport and Psychotherapy in Depression (contact: Stephan Heinzel)

Completed externally funded projects:

  • Health monitoring and interventions for health promotion in Berlin police service (contact: Andreas Santa Maria, Christine Wolter, Stephanie Georg)
  • Development-adapted trauma-focused cognitive behavioural therapy (contact: Maja Steinbrink)

  • Evaluation of the TK-telephone health coach: telephone counseling for patients with chronic heart failure (in collabaration with German health insurer Techniker Krankenkasse)
  • Relief for caring relatives: individual and Institutional Perspectives in Family Caregiving in an Aging Society (Focus Area DynAge)
  • Evaluation and implementation of psychotherapeutical interventions after severe burn injuries (Deutsche gesetzliche Unfallversicherung, DGUV)


  • Research - Clinical Psychology and Psychotherapy - Freie Universität Berlin - Prof. Dr. Babette Renneberg