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2 Bachelor's/Master's theses in the interface between clinical psychology and cognitive neuroscience available

In the planned research project, a psychological model of the effects of CBT on social anxiety disorder (SAD) will be tested and linked to neurobiological mechanisms. Control groups as well as patients with social phobia before and after a behaviour-therapeutic group therapy will be invited. Among other things, fMRI data will be collected from the participants at the Center for Cognitive Neuroscience Berlin.

In the context of this fMRI study we offer the following Master's/Bachelor's thesis topic:
Participation in a study (approx. 10h/week data collection) and analysis of the experimental data. Questions concern the relationship between neurobiological markers and social anxiety disorder.

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If you are interested please contact Matthias Haucke: matthias.haucke@fu-berlin.de

Dr. Sabrina Golde

1 Bachelor's thesis in the field of anxiety disorder available

In this study, we measure physiological responses (heart rate, electrodermal activity) to stress, as well as the perception that an imminent danger has just barely not occurred.

We suspect that people with anxiety disorders are more likely to interpret neutral situations as "nearly occured danger" and react more strongly to stress. In addition, an everyday survey on cognitive distortions is conducted with a smartphone application.

Within the framework of these studies we offer the following: Participation in an ongoing study (approx. 4h/week data collection) and analysis of experimental data or everyday surveys. If you are interested, we can also offer to conduct your own study on the topic of anxiety disorders.

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Contact: matthias.haucke@fu-berlin.de

Matthias Haucke


Stephan Heinzel