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Polina Iamshchinina


Neural Dynamics of Visual Cognition Group

PhD Candidate

I completed my bachelor studies in Psychology at the Saint-Petersburg State University. After this I completed a research master at Free University Amsterdam in Cognitive Psychology.

In my current research I am using layer-specific fMRI to better understand feedforward and feedback processing in the human brain.

Please find my CV here.

I explore differentiation of feedforward and feedback neural representations in cortical depth of area V1 using mental rotation/working memory paradigms and 7T fMRI. I am also utilizing different scanning protocols (GE, SE and VASO) to find out which of the sequences allows for a better resolution of neural information in cortical depth. 

 You can find a list of my publications on google scholar

 Feel free to contact me if you share my research interests and look for a short-term rotation in the lab.