Job opportunities

... for PostDocs/PhD candidates: ERC-funded positions

In the next 4-5 years there are several PostDoc/PhD positions to fill funded by an ERC starting grant (CRACK - Cracking the code of human object vision. The projects aim to unravel the spatiotemporal dynamics and algorithims the brain uses to translate the flow of photons hitting the retina into a meaningful percept of the world. The methods used will be EEG/MEG, 7T- and 3T-fMRI and computational modelling (in particular deep neural networks).

If you have experience in 7T-fMRI, or multivariate analysis methods applied to brain data, or deep neural network modelling you are a particularly strong candidate. Please contact me (see below) for informal inquiries!

... for PostDocs/PhD candidates in general

We accept applications (PreDoc, PostDoc) on a rolling basis. When contacting us please provide a short letter of motivation, a current CV, as well as an abstract of the research projects you would want to do.

If there is no free funded position, note that we have experience and a track record in supporting third-party funding applications for both PostDocs (e.g. Alexander von Humboldt Foundation, Marie Curie fellowships, DFG) and PhD programs (Einstein Center for Neurosciences Berlin, Berlin School or Mind and Brain, DAAD, CSC). In case there is a good mutual fit, we strongly support such applications.

... for master students / master internships

We are excited to work with master students and interns, but we also receive many more applications than we can accept. We evaluate every candidate first and foremost by merit. However, in general your application will have a higher chance of success if (i) you are willing to stay at least 6 months or do a thesis with us - neuroimaging projects are complex and it takes time get good work done, and (ii) a PhD or PostDoc in the lab is willing to co-supervise you.

Thus, if you want to get involved in existing projects first get informed about the current projects running in the lab and the general research interests of the lab members via the website. Do not hesitate to contact any lab member directly.

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