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Monika Graumann


Neural Dynamics of Visual Cognition Group

PhD Candidate

Habelschwerdter Allee 45
Room JK 24/221 e
14195 Berlin

I obtained a B.Sc. in neuropsychology at the University of Amsterdam and completed my masters degree in social, cognitive and affective neuroscience at Freie Universität Berlin.


Please find my CV 

In my PhD research I study the spatial and temporal neural dynamics underlying invariant object recognition using human electrophysiology (EEG), neuroimaging (fMRI), deep neural networks and multivariate analysis methods (decoding, RSA).

I work on three projects, each involving EEG and fMRI. In the first project I investigate how our brains represent the location of an object under varying degrees of scene clutter. In the second project I study the role of top-down attention for such location representations. The third project focuses on the neural mechanisms underlying invariant Braille letter recognition in congenitally blind individuals and the role of visual cortex therein.