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Dr. Anja Böhnke

School Pedagogy and School Improvement Research


Habelschwerdter Allee 45
Room JK 23/240
14195 Berlin

Seit 2010

Researcher at the Institute of Education and Psychology (School Pedagogy and School Improvement Research), Freie Universtitaet Berlin.


Diploma (equivalent to Masters) Degree in Psychology at Freie Universität Berlin


Student Assistant and graduand at Max-Planck-Institut for educational research at the project Developmental Regulation of Affect, Motivation, and Abilities.


Student Assistant at Max-Planck-Institut for educational research: assistance and implementation of the project Faces.


Internship at Max-Planck-Institut for educational research at the project "selection, optimization and compensation: Aims and preferences over the life course".


Student at Freie Universität Berlin “Psychology“.


Research focus

  • Motivational processes and goal orientations
  • Professionalizing of Teachers
  • School development and school quality
  • Focus on mistakes and error culture in the context of school


Research project

Cooperation with the BMBF project "schools as a control stakeholders in the education system - conditions and effects of the development of evaluative potentials"


Böhnke, A. & Thiel. F. (2019). “At least I know what's wrong.” Preservice teachers' knowledge about dysfunctional instructional strategies: The important role of error-related emotional patterns. Learning and Individual Differences, 70, 190-200. doi: https://doi.org/10.1016/j.lindif.2019.01.011

Böhnke, A. & Thiel, F. (2016). Unterrichtsbezogene Fehlerorientierung von Lehrkräften – Adaption und Validierung eines Fragebogens. Zeitschrift für Pädagogische Psychologie, 30(1), pp. 57–67.

Rauers, A., Böhnke, A., & Riediger, M. (2013). Motivational selectivity prospectively predicts couples' realization of their goal to have a child. International Journal of Developmental Science, 7(3-4), pp. 143-149.


Research Reports

Böhnke, A.,  Thillmann, K., Wank, R., Schliesing, A., Wurster, S., Pant, H.A. & Thiel, F. (2011). Ergebnisbericht zur Online-Befragung „Evaluationspraxis an Hamburger allgemeinbildenden Schulen“  im Rahmen des Forschungsprojektes „Schulen als Steuerungsakteure im Bildungssystem“ (StABil). Berlin.