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Information for prospetive students

Please note, that the mono bachelor "educational science" is solely instructed in German and therefore sufficient German knowledge is a key requirement for successful admission!

What is the educational research program about?

Prospective students can find a wide range of information on the structure and content of the Master's program educational research on the website of the online subject selection assistant (OSA - only in German!). In addition a good overview can be obtained through the study courses presentation slides from the course content to an insight into everyday study life and furthermore information regarding a prognosis for future career prospects.

I'm interested in studying educational science, what's next?

Starting winter semester 22/23, new regulations on allocation of study placements (only in German!) will apply to applications, according to which prospective students with bachelor's degrees n sociology, psychology and political science will also meet the entry requirements.

The consecutive Master’s degree in Educational Research is a subject with restricted admission. Certain admission requirements must therefore be met in order to apply.

In general, a German bachelor's degree or equivalent is required for a successful application (e.g. diploma, master's degree, foreign degree). In terms of content, those interested in application must have completed a university course with an educational or educational science component of at least 60 CP or a university course in educational science, political science, psychology or socology. Specifically, at least 15 credit points must be proven in empirical research methods, of which at least 9 credit points are in quantitative procedures (for detailed information, see the new access statutes, § 3 Admission Requirements, p. 480).

Anyone who has not yet completed their bachelor's degree but has already completed at least 140 CP can still apply. See leaflet on graduation!

A master’s degree that has already started can be continued at Freie Universität. In that case, you can apply for a higher semester. Only with proof of the necessary credit points application for a higher semester is valid.

How do I apply with a German university degree?

→ I apply within the university via an online application portal.

→ The application period is from April 15th until May 31st.

How do I apply with a foreign university degree?

→ I apply via uni-assist.

→ Due to processing times, earlier application deadlines must be observed.

→ In addition, sufficient German knowledge must be proven.