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Specific components of the program

Please note, that the mono bachelor "educational science" is solely instructed in German and therefore sufficient German knowledge is a key requirement for successful admission!

What topics is being dealt with?

As the course progresses, students have the opportunity to set their own thematic and methodological focus point. It is possible to specialize on qualitative or quantitative research methods (module 3). In addition students can choose their own thematic focus during the advanced area of the program (early childhood education and upbringing, social pedagogy or further education) (module 4).

The main focal point of this master’s program is the research project which is intended to serve as preparation for the master’s thesis (module 6).

List of modules:
Module 1 - Educational Theories (10 credits)
Module 2 - Psychological & Sociological Foundations of Educational Science (15 credits)
Module 3 - Educational Research Methods (20 credits)
Module 4 - Research & Development in Pedagogical Fields of Action (15 credits)
Module 5 - Research Planning & Publication (10 credits)
Module 6 - Research Project (20 credits)
Master thesis (30 credits)

Further information on the individual modules, the specific content, qualification goals and the scope can be found in the module descriptions (only in German).