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Information regarding an internship abroad and funding opportunities

News from Jan 26, 2022

In addition to the Erasmus+ program, PROMOS also offers financial support for internships that are carried out abroad. In this presentation (only in German), the student mobility office has compiled the framework conditions for funding, important additional information and contact details for the contact persons in the student mobility department.

The following websites provide more detailed information:

Erasmus internship


Internship abroad

Field reports & tips for planning and conducting internships abroad:

Blog internship abroad (only in German)

IMPORTANT - In order to be able to apply for grants for self-organized internships, students need support (e.g. internship office or Erasmus Outgoing):

For internships in Europe with Erasmus+, a Learning Agreement for Traineeships must be submitted (the form can be found on the Erasmus Internship website -> "Application" page). It must be checked whether the internship project is meaningfully related to the course of study or the student's desired career and state whether the internship can be recognized as part of the course and ECTS points (and if so, how many) can be awarded for it.

To apply for a PROMOS grant, a recommendation from a subject representative is required (the form can be found on the PROMOS website -> "Application process" -> "Internship" page). Here, too, it must be stated whether the internship is meaningfully related to your studies or professional plans and whether funding is recommended from a professional point of view. Everything else (financing, implementation of the funding) is managed by the student mobility department. Please feel free to contact us at any time with any questions. Note on funding for teaching post candidates:

For internships abroad as part of teacher training courses and after graduation, the DAAD has set up the International Teaching Program (only in German), which offers attractive scholarship rates for worldwide internships.

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