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What are the admission criteria/ entrance requirements?

In order to commence your studies at University of Applied Sciences in Potsdam, you have to fulfill the following entry requirements:

  • Interest to contribute to the implementation of children's rights in different work areas
  • A bachelor’s degree (BA) or equivalent academic degree.
  • Approx. 1 year work experience, after finishing an undergraduate degree (B.A. or similar), in the area of child and youth work, education, social services, health, law, media, international development cooperation or similar areas.
  • Knowledge of English (Level: min. B2; see also language requirements below)
  • Submission of the application documents. More information on the application process is to be found here

In case there are study places open, persons with 1 year work experience in the above-mentioned areas who do not have an academic degree may study the program, however they will not be awarded an official M.A. degree. A certificate can be issued to these students.