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CREAN Project



CREAN - Children´s Rights Erasmus Academic Network

CREAN has been established by many members of the European Network of Masters in Childrend's Rights (ENMCR).

Funded by the Lifelong Learning Programme (EU), the CREAN project gathers a total of 37 partners (both academic institutions and NGOs) around the major aims of enhancing the academic field of children’s rights studies as an interdisciplinary field of studies. It will capitalise on the extant investment and strengths of the network, while significantly enhancing its ability to engage new members in achieving the following aims and objectives:

  • Strengthen the potentials of higher education institutions in the development and implementation of children’s rights programmes and courses
  • Provide support to university teaching staff
  • Promote early career researchers
  • Involve external stakeholders in the discussion on the relevance and effectiveness of the content of the programmes and courses

Over 36 months this project funded with support from the European Commission puts together:

• Two conferences with different key subjects in the area of children’s rights
• Develop interdisciplinary teaching materials through expert workshops
• Create a highly visible body of early career researchers, inter alia by awarding a prize to such researchers
• Exchange teachers across higher education institutions 

The Children´s Rights Erasmus Academic Network (CREAN) is a network of universities offering higher education in children's rights with the major aim to include further enhancement of the academic field of children's rights studies as an interdisciplinary field of studies. The network is based upon a common belief that childhood is a social, historically changeable phenomenon and that children are social subjects who are to be respected as such, with own views, interests, competences and the right to comprehensive participation.

CREAN intends to give more importance to the ways in which rights holders relate to and make use of their rights, and overcome existing constraints. By linking theory and practice, it intends to change the reality of children's legal position in society.



Children and childhood are core issues for any society: children make up one-third of the world’s population and one-fifth of the EU population. Respecting their rights and promoting their well-being are important now – and also as the future citizens of the 21st century. Children’s rights are firmly on international and European agendas. The UN Convention on the Rights of the Child has encouraged attention to children`s rights in law and practice reflected in States, institutions and national legislation. The European Union also recognised that children´s rights play an important role, for example the Treaty of Lisbon introduced an objective to promote children’s rights, while the Charter of Fundamental Rights of the EU guarantees the protection of children’s rights by EU institutions as well as by EU countries when they implement EU law. This situation endorses for professionalization and a need of a solid academic background in order to develop consistent practices, prepare policies and support people working in the field. CREAN promotes and contribute to the training of professionals in children’s rights.


For more information, please consult the CREAN facebook or get in touch with the contact persons at University of Geneva at crean@unige.ch