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ENMCR Project



ENMCR - European Network of Masters in Children’s Rights

The MACR was part of the European Network of Masters in Children’s Rights (ENMCR).

The European Network of Masters in Children’s Rights (ENMCR) was founded in Berlin, Germany in September 2004 by five West European Universities with the support of the Non-Governmental Organisation Save the Children, Sweden. By January 2011, 27 universities and research institutes have joined the network and it is continuously growing. The network brings together academics, researchers, NGOs, public agencies and students.

The members of the network are connected by the common belief that childhood is a social, historically changeable phenomenon and that children are social subjects who are to be respected as such, with own views, interests, competences and the right to comprehensive participation.


Activities of the Network include:

Developing common resources such as virtual exchange, funding and scholarships, conferences and seminars,
Exchanging experiences in teaching and curriculum development,
Raising the profile of the field through disseminating information,
Staff and student exchange,
Exploring common research areas and developing joint student projects,
Cooperating with other networks and organisation of workshops, seminars, conferences.

Meanwhile, the ENMCR network has adopted a new name, and continues operating as Children´s Rights Erasmus Academic Network, CREAN. For further information on the CREAN network, please have a look here or on its facebook page.

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