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Dual Program for Teacher Trainers in the Republic of Malawi

Brief project description:

As an integral part of its support for the reform of primary education in Malawi, the Federal Republic of Germany is supporting a dual program for teacher trainers. The project aims in particular to improve the methodological and didactic competencies of trainers and teachers for beginning instruction in both urban and rural regions in Malawi.

 The continuing education initiative for Malawian teacher trainers focuses on providing participants with practice- and product-oriented instruction in adapted methodological and didactic skills in the area of learner-oriented, active forms of instruction for use in elementary schools and on applying these skills. As a way of supporting the reform of the elementary school curriculum that is currently underway, the project also focuses on the core areas of Literacy and Languages, Numeracy and Mathematical Education, and Science and Technology, as well as on the field of Educational Foundations, in which participants learn the theoretical foundations of elementary school teacher training.

 The project, which is headed by the nonprofit InWent Internationale Weiterbildung und Entwicklung (International Continuing Education and Development), based in Bonn, was initiated in August, 2004, and was scheduled to run for three years. The Division of Research on Primary Education is involved in the “Educational Foundations” component of the project.