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Evaluation of the Bilingual Literacy Program in the Basic Education Project “Projet Education de Base” in the Republic of Chad

As part of the “Education V” project supported by the World Bank, employees of the German Gesellschaft für Technische Zusammenarbeit (GTZ), in cooperation with the Ministère de l’Education Nationale du Tchad, developed a concept for a bilingual literacy program in three different national languages (Sar, Moundang, and Chadian Arabic) for local basic education projects in Chad. The focus is on enabling children to gain literacy in their original languages, which are not the same as the national lingua franca used in the country (here, French) in order to enable confident acquisition of written language with, at the same time, a very early transition to the national lingua franca as the language of classroom instruction. The project has taken on a cross-regional significance in that children from linguistic minorities are continuously placed at a disadvantage in the national education systems of many countries around the world because a lack of linguistic mastery at the beginning of schooling typically entails major deficits in acquisition of written language, which very quickly leads to general failure in school. The Division of Research on Primary Education evaluated the basic education project in the local setting, conducting an empirical and systematic review of the didactic concept and approving it.