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Multi-Grade Learning Groups in Elementary Schools – Learning Development of Children in Grades 3 and 4 (Jahrgangsübergreifende Lerngruppen in der Grundschule - Lernentwicklungen von Kindern der Klassenstufen 3 bis 4, JüLiG 3/4)

This field research project observes elementary school students in Grades 3 and 4 who attend multi-grade learning groups in Berlin during planned weekly activities.

 Based on classroom observation, school performance tests, and surveys of teachers, the project looks at the following dimensions:

  • Schoolchildren helping each other in the classroom (Do students of the same age and different ages help each other? What is the nature of the interactions between peers and children of different ages? Do they learn from each other?)
  •  Teachers’ instructional concepts (attitude toward the mix in ages, methods of working, instructional concepts)
  •  Academic development of low-performing and high-performing children (What progress do they show in their performance? Are changes observed when children’s status within the learning group changes?)