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Professional Monitoring of the School Experiment on Differentiated Performance Assessment at Grundschule Am Rohrgarten (Am Rohrgarten Elementary School), Berlin

The Division of Research on Primary Education was commissioned by the Berlin Senate Administration for Education, Youth, and Sports to provide professional monitoring of the school-based experiment on differentiated performance assessment at Am Rohrgarten Elementary School. In this project, the following forms of performance description and assessment are being tested in Grades 4, 5, and 6:

  • Learning journal (Pensenbuch)
  • Portfolio
  • Parent-teacher report card conferences, with written records, in the first semester
  • Written records of learning progress in the second semester 

The professional monitoring of these initiatives enhances the acceptance of these forms among students, teachers, parents, and secondary schools as well as enhancing the significance of these methods, the exactitude of the evaluations, and the effects on the students’ transitions to secondary schools. Data is collected through interviews, surveys, analysis of the forms used for description and evaluation, and classroom observation.