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Our Research ...

... is primarily inspired by a high level of curiosity and openness to theoretical and practical questions from various areas of psychological assessment and personality psychology. Our goal is not only to contribute to a broader theoretical understanding through our research but also to develop tangible solutions for practical application.

In the organizational consulting affiliated with our research group FU DIAGNOSTICS, we transfer our research findings into practice and address challenges from practice as the starting point of our research.

The following thematic areas illustrate what we research:


Assessment Diagnostics

We focus on assessing individual potentials and abilities. We are interested in the processes of assessment diagnostics in general, as well as all procedures of personnel selection - from job interviews to psychological tests. A particular focus for us is on Situational Judgment Tests (SJTs) - psychological procedures that depict decision-making behavior in professional and realistic contexts. We aim to understand the mechanisms, construct validity, and limitations of SJTs and improve them through the use of the latest technological approaches such as AI-based analyses.


Deception and Faking

In everyday interactions, people often consciously deceive others. We are interested in the social contexts in which everyday deceptive behavior occurs and whether it can be predicted by situational perception and other personality variables. Furthermore, we deal with the relationship between deceptive behavior and clinical psychopathology. Deception also occurs in psychological assessment. Our investigations into the influence of faking on diagnostic results and the development of strategies to mitigate such distortions are central to our efforts to maintain the integrity of diagnostic processes.


Equity and Fairness in Psychological Assessment

Ensuring the fairness of diagnostic procedures is a core concern of our research. We explore how sociodemographic variables influence behavior in work and private life and strive to design diagnostic processes that are free from unwanted influences.


Digital Collaboration

Digital collaboration has established itself as the new normal in the working world. Our research delves into the resulting opportunities and challenges. We are particularly interested in how health and well-being of employees can be preserved and strengthened in digital work environments.


Interested in Researching with Us?

Whether you are a researcher looking for a collaborative and innovative environment or a student passionate about a career in psychological research, our research group provides a platform for collaborative research.