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Work and Organizational Psychology at Freie Universität Berlin

At the Freie Universität Berlin there are two divisions that work in this field: our division of work and organizational psychology as well as the division for industrial and social psychology.

Focus: Work and Organizational Psychology

Professional development and socialization of people is considered within the context of organizational development. Methods of individual and organizational diagnosis as well as of organizational design are also designed accordingly.

Research in this field also looks at the relationships between gainful employment, housework, and recreation time over the course of a person’s life, and at gender-specific career patterns in professions. Professional Development is therefore also offered as an additional elective subject related to research in this field.

Focus: Industrial and Social Psychology

The field of industrial and social psychology has its own website on the server of Freie Universität.

The courses offered in this area focus on the obligatory examination subject of organizational psychology as well as on industrial psychology in the subjects of business administration and economics.