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Ph.D. Jacques Prieur


Department of Education and Psychology

Comparative Developmental Psychology

Project Director

Habelschwerdter Allee 45
Room JK 24/121d
14195 Berlin

I am a post-doctoral researcher working in Comparative Developmental Psychology. My main research topic concerns great apes’ multimodal communication and laterality.

My current research centres on mechanisms underlying signalling acquisition and development, with a special focus on gorillas’ gestural communication.

A comparative approach investigating the communication of our closest living relatives (different species of great apes) can help us understand the origins and evolution of human language. As several authors suggested that gestures played a substantial role in the emergence of human language, the gestural repertoires and their use by non-human primates have been intensively studied. Regarding mechanisms underlying gesture acquisition, recent findings on chimpanzee infants’ gestural development support the Social Negotiation hypothesis, which states that gestures are the output of social shaping, shared understanding of gestural meaning and mutual construction in real time by both interactants. However, this hypothesis has not yet been tested in detail.

The main aim of my current project is to study gorillas’ gestural communication and to explore the Social Negotiation hypothesis in detail.

If you are interested in my research in general or in a thesis or an internship on this or a related subject, please, feel free to contact me (jacques.prieur@fu-berlin.de).

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