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You consider participating in the studies and want to check the participation requirements? 

Our study start for HASCI-1 (study for individuals) and HASCI-1plus1 (study for teams of two) will follow in June. We look forward to your participation!

Contact the study team at Freie Universität Berlin and Medical School Berlin:

Sally di Maio (sally.dimaio@fu-berlin.de)

Lea Wilhelm (lea.wilhelm@medicalschool-berlin.de)

Dr. Jan Keller (jan.keller@fu-berlin.de) 

Antonia Domke (a.domke@fu-berlin.de)

Noemi Lorbeer (n.lorbeer@fu-berlin.de)

Prof. Dr. Lena Fleig (lena.fleig@medicalschool-berlin.de) 

Prof. Dr. Nina Knoll (nina.knoll@fu-berlin.de) 

For any questions about the study, please contact: Dr. Jan Keller