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Dr. Jan Keller receives grant for a joint graduate program between the University of Melbourne and the Berlin University Alliance

News from Mar 15, 2021

The joint project Digital Technologies to Measure and Promote Sustainable Health Behaviour Change (Dr. Tilman Dingler, University of Melbourne und Dr. Jan Keller, Freie Universität Berlin) was funded by the Excellence Strategy of the German Government through the Berlin University Alliance.

Everyday behaviours, such as frequent hand washing or a balanced diet can become habitual and impact people’s health by reducing the risk of viral infection or improve the management of chronic conditions. As many individuals do not adhere to recommended behavioural guidelines (e.g., not washing hands in core situations), innovative measurement and intervention methods are needed. As a promising avenue for future research, digital technologies provide the means to continuously measure individuals’ behaviours and support them in achieving their behavioural goals. However, this requires bringing together medical research, behavioural psychology, and computing science. The joint graduate program “Digital technologies to measure and promote sustainable health behaviour change” aims to develop a new generation of interdisciplinary experts developing digital solutions for measuring and promoting behaviour change and testing their effectiveness in both the Australian and German health context.


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