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Research internships for students of psychology or related subjects

News from Jun 27, 2018

The purpose of the multicenter collaboration "Socioemotional Development and Health"  is to shed light on the interplay of socioemotional and health development across the lifespan. Researchers from the MPI for Human Development, the FU Berlin, the FSU Jena, and other institutions work together on this multi-center collaboration project. Our current focus is on empathic accuracy, that is, the ability to infer other persons’ thoughts and feelings. How do people from various age groups arrive at such judgments? Are there age-related differences and if so, why? To what extent do these differences reflect age-related changes and/or different socialization experiences? Is empathic accuracy differentially important for social and health outcomes in different age groups? We approach these questions by comparing people from different age groups and by longitudinally following them up over time, using multiple methods such as experience-sampling, psychophysiological measurements, and experiments.

We offer opportunities for part-time research internships, flexible working hours and an insight into health psychological research and practice. The current location is Freie Universität Berlin.

For further information click here (in German).

Contact: elisabeth.blanke@hu-berlin.de.

Application documents: Letter of motivation, curriculum vitae, certificates and references in a PDF document, indication of the period and desired duration of the internship.

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