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Davide Panza

Davide Panza

Neural Dynamics of Visual Cognition


Habelschwerdter Allee 45
Room JK 25/228
14195 Berlin

After completing a BSc in Psychology at Potsdam University, I joined the lab as an intern student in September 2022 while pursuing my MSc in Cognitive Neuroscience at FU (MCNB). During this time, I completed my thesis on the role of recurrent processing for the recognition of depicted objects.

Prior to these studies, I obtained a BSc and an MSc in jazz guitar at the Conservatorio of Brescia and worked as a musician and composer.

 In my leisure time, I enjoy reading (mostly), playing guitar, and hiking.


General research interests

I’m interested in exploring how visual information carried by different object features, such as texture, shape, color, and stimulus parts, lead to object recognition. Specifically, I want to understand the neural processing underlying object recognition in conditions where only one or a subset of those features is available in the visual stimulus (e.g., only texture).

Furthermore, I am also interested in better characterizing the nature of semantic information about object categories and how they relate to different sensory modalities, such as visual and acoustic modalities.


Research Projects

In my current project, I’m investigating the role of recurrent processing in aiding the recognition of depicted objects. To accomplish this, I am utilizing images with high and low reliance on recurrent processing, previously identified based on the ability of a feedforward neural network to recognize them. Through both behavioral and neurophysiological methods, I am assessing how the disruption of recurrent processing, achieved through backward masking, affects the processing of these images.


Student supervision & opportunities

I am not actively  looking for interns or thesis students. 

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