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Students going to and from the CCNB

Students going to and from the CCNB
Image Credit: Elias Domsch

Graduate and post-graduate programs

Many members of the CCNB contribute to teaching at the Freie Universität Berlin and in the wider academic community of Berlin. Central to the educational activities of the CCNB is the Master Cognitive Neuroscience Berlin (MCNB) which accepts up to twenty students each academic year. In the MCNB program, students will obtain an in-depth theoretical and practical training across a broad range of neuroscientific topics and methods. The program is specifically tailored for postgraduate research in cognitive neuroscience. 

Many of the CCNB professors are also actively involved in the B.Sc. in Psychology program of the Freie Universität Berlin.

For students interested in joining the CCNB via one of these programs, more information and admission regulations can be found on the respective online study course selection assistant (OSA) pages:

For students that are already part of BSc and MSc programs at the Freie Universität, the webpages of the examination offices offer useful information regarding administrative matters:

Doctoral Studies

Students who are interested in joining the CCNB for a PhD project should contact the research group leader they are interested in working with. For administrative matters with respect to the department's PhD program, please contact the examination office:

Examination Office - PhD Psychology

In addition to the PhD program at the department of Education and Psychology, the CCNB collaborates with the following PhD programs in the wider Berlin area


The CCNB offers ample opportunities for BSc, MSc and PhD theses. Students interested in carrying out their thesis work in cognitive neuroscience at the CCNB should contact the research group leader they are interested in working with.

Below are some example doctoral theses which were completed at the CCNB:

PhD Theses:

All PhD theses completed at the Freie Universität Berlin can be found at the Refubium. Links to the respective refubium listing have been provided for the example PhD theses.

  • Yan Fan (Bajbouj's group) "Joint influence of early life stress and intranasal oxytocin on stress reactivity: Insights from brain connectivity" here
  • Timo Torsten Schmidt (Blankenburg's group) "Tactile Mental Representations" here
  • Chun-Ting Hsu (Jacobs's group) "Textual emotion potential, fiction feelings, and immersion: an fMRI study testing the neurocognitive poetics model of literary reading" here
  • Yulia Oganian (Heekeren's group) "Cognitive and neural mechanisms of bilingual decision making: From visual word processing to decisions under risk" here
  • Jakub Limanowski (Blankenburg's group) "A generative model of body ownership and minimal selfhood" here

Master Theses:

Below are some example Master theses which were completed at the CCNB:

  • Teresa Sylvester (Jacobs's group) "Emotion word processing in children and adults: An fMRI study"
  • Martin Spitzenpfeil (Ostwald's group) "Empirical Bayes estimation in large scale fMRI data analysis"
  • Armin Thomas (Heekeren's group) "Simple choice in large sets without time pressure"
  • Yuan-Hao Wu (Blankenburg's group) "Neuronal representation of vibrotactile working memory content"