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Advanced User Training

Working at the scanner

Working at the scanner
Image Credit: Elias Domsch

We offer advanced MR scanner operating training for users affiliated with the FU-Berlin. Our training is organized into four modules.

Module (1) Theoretical Basis of MR Imaging

Basic MRI knowledge can be gained by attending the course “Advanced Neuroimaging Methods“ of the MSc program for Social, Cognitive, and Affective Neuroscience, or by studying the appropriate literature. Qualification on this module is a prerequisite for the advanced user training and is assessed before the practical training commences.  

Module (2) Safety Instruction

An MR safety instruction will be provided with the training and must be refreshed once a year. Dates for the MR safety instruction sessions are announced via the CCNB website.

Module (3) Practical Training

For users who completed Modules (1) and (2), practical training of at least 20 scanning hours with our technical assistant Christian Kainz at the CCNB MRI scanner will provide an introduction to e.g. the MRI lab organization and rules, handling of the MR scanner and other hardware (stimulation, response acquisition, physiological recordings), data quality control and troubleshooting.

Module (4) Test

Theoretical and practical skills will be verified at the end of the training in a test session (one to two hours).

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