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MRI Study at the CCNB in five steps

Working at the scanner

Working at the scanner
Image Credit: Elias Domsch

(1) Application for an MRI study

To apply for an MRI study at the CCNB, please fill-in the application form and e-mail it to fmri_study@ewi-psy.fu-berlin.de.

(2) Cooperation contract

A cooperation contract has to be prepared and signed by study's principal investigator and the CCNB management. Daniela Satici-Thies will assist you to set up the contract and complete formalities.

(3) Study presentation at the CCNB seminar

The researcher(s) are welcome to present their study at the seminar which serves as a forum to get feedback on the design from the CCNB community.

(4) User training and pilot measurements

(4A) Only for users affiliated with the Freie Universität Berlin: Complete the Advance MR User Training with Christian Kainz, if you wish to profit from flexible measurement slots.

(4B) Perform a pilot measurement. Contact our MR-Physicists (Evgeniya Kirilina and Till Nierhaus) to arrange and perform technical preparations and a pilot measurement for your study. During the pilot measurements you will be introduced to the laboratory order, obtain an MR safety briefing and will be granted access to the MR-DICOM server for further data access.

(5) Start to measure

You are ready to start measurements. Please arrange scanner bookings with Christian Kainz.


MR Physicists Team

  • Imaging method development
  • Multi-modal imaging
  • MRI-parameters

Dr. Evgeniya Kirilina


Tel. +49 (0)30 838 51261

Dr. Till Nierhaus


Tel. +49 (0)30 838 51261

Medical Technical Assistance

  • Scanner Booking
  • Advanced User Training

Christian Kainz


Tel. +49 (0)30 838 55724


  • Study contracts
  • Billing information

Daniela Satici-Thies


Tel. +49 (0)30 838 58644

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