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Claire Sergent, Université de Paris

Nov 29, 2021 | 04:00 PM

Brain dynamics associated with conscious processing

Affiliation: Université de Paris, CNRS Integrative Neuroscience
and Cognition Center

Using experimental psychology and neuroimaging, my team and I investigate
the brain dynamics associated with conscious processing of sensory
stimuli. I will present empirical evidence suggesting that conscious
processing might specifically relate to a bifurcation in global brain
activity following the first 200ms of sensory processing. Our results also
suggest that, contrary to the first stages of sensory processing, the
onset of these “conscious” mechanisms can be quite flexible in time. I
will discuss how these findings might help update current models of
conscious access, and progress towards neural signatures that could be
used to probe consciousness in the absence of behaviour, for example in
non-communicating patients.