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Xiaosi Gu, Center for Computational Psychiatry, Mount Sinai, New York

Nov 27, 2023 | 04:00 PM

Title: A Social Neuroscience Approach Towards Computational Psychiatry


Computational psychiatry (CP), a nascent field with close connections to biological psychiatry and computational neuroscience, has made important contributions to mental health research in terms of bringing computational frameworks and methods. However, the explanatory power of CP remains limited, as it has thus far almost exclusively focused on basic perceptual inference and reinforcement learning processes. In this talk, I will argue that modeling social behaviors represents an important future direction of CP, as human social relationships can be both a major drive of psychiatric disorders as well as an important basis for treatment and intervention. Using norm adaptation and social controllability as examples, I will present our recent findings of how impaired social computations manifest in disorders that are not traditionally considered as “social disorders” such as addiction, OCD, and delusion. I will conclude by discussing the therapeutic implications of this work.


number: 2793 813 4998
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