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Dr. Timo Torsten Schmidt

Timo Torsten Schmidt

Timo Torsten Schmidt

Timo Torsten Schmidt is a postdoctoral researcher with Felix Blankenburg's Neurocomputation and Neuroimaging Unit. He is interested in the neuronal underpinnings of human consciousness and works with methods from the field of computational cognitive neuroscience with a focus on functional neuroimaging. In his research he focuses on the mental representation of the content of consciousness (working memory and mental imagery) and the mechanisms underlying altered states of consciousness.

He is also an advocate of Open Science and actively encourages scientific findings to be made publically availability. Currently, he is part of the Fellow Programm Offenen Wissen (Open knowledge), wherein he is developing the Altered States Database (ASDB). This website makes scientific data on the subjective effects of different mind altering techniques e.g. the experiences people have after consuming different drugs, or during such techniques as meditation or sensory deprivation, publicly available.

The title of his talk is: Veränderte Bewusstseinszustände im Hirnscanner