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To take part in the Master in Cultural Relations and Migration Studies at Sigmund Freud University Berlin you have to fulfill the following qualifications:

1. First university degree (social science or humanities) with 240 ECTS (four years of studies)

Graduates who reach 300 ECTS by the end of the study year will be given the Master of Arts (M.A.). Graduates who reach less than 300 ECTS will be given a certificate at the end of the program year.

2. First work experience after graduation 3. There is a study fee of 3.400 € for the whole program year 2015/2016. 4. Advanced English and German Knowledge

You should have a good knowledge of English since one third of the course will be held in English. You do not have to bring a proof of your English knowledge. You do have to bring a proof if advanced German knowledge.

5.There will be a personal interview.

You will have the possibility to describe your study motivation and goals for the program year. There will also be the chance to discuss questions about the program. You can make an appointment for the personal interview from now on with the Coordinator of the program Christina Ayazi.