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How do I find a place to live?

There are many ways to find a place to live in Berlin.

The Studentenwerk Berlin offers student accomodation in different districts of Berlin. Costs range from 150 € to 250 € per month.

The language center has compiled a list of websites dealing with the topic, which is represented here:

Concerning shared flats/rooms:

• www.deutschland-wg.de

• www.freiraum-berlin.com

• www.studenten-wg.de

• www.wgcompany.de

• www.wg-gesucht.de

• www.wg-klick.de

• www.wg-suchen.de

• www.wgzimmerfrei.de

• www.zwischenmiete.de


Hostels in Berlin:

• www.aohostels.com/de/berlin

• www.backpackernetwork.de/Berlin/hostels

• www.baxpax-downtown.de

• www.circus-berlin.de

• www.citystay.de

• www.globetrotterhostel.de

• www.HostelsClub.com