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Bachelor and Master

At the Department for Education and Psychology the CCNB supports undergraduate and postgraduate education in the programs:

For students interested in joining the CCNB via one of these programs, more information and admission regulations can be found on the respective online study course selection assistant (OSA) pages:

For students that are part of BSc and MSc programs at the Freie Universität, the webpages of the examination offices offer useful information regarding administrative matters:

The CCNB offers ample opportunities for BSc and MSc theses. Students interested in carrying out their thesis work in cognitive neuroscience at the CCNB should contact the research group leader they are interested in working with.


The following MSc theses were completed at the CCNB:


  • Stephan Krohn (Dirk Ostwald) "Computing Integrated Information"
  • Teresa Sylvester (Arthur Jacobs) "Emotion word processing in children and adults: An fMRI study"
  • Milan Andrejevic (Hauke Heekeren) "Individual differences in social desirability are associated with white matter microstructure"
  • Martin Spitzenpfeil (Dirk Ostwald) "Empirical Bayes estimation in large scale fMRI data analysis"
  • Elissa Khawli (Malek Bajbouj)
  • Sebastian Fleck (Felix Blankenburg) "Task- and modality-related alpha oscillations during crossmodal processing of visual, auditory, and tactile stimulus sequences"


  • Armin Thomas (Hauke Heekeren) "Simple choice in large sets without time pressure"
  • Marie Dietz (Malek Bajbouj) "EEG alpha and theta oscillations in a meditation like interoceptive attention task compared to a cognitive attention task"
  • Lisa Venelosi (Felix Blankenburg) "The shared neuronal representations underlying imagined and maintained tactile stimuli"
  • Yuan-Hao Wu (Felix Blankenburg) "Neuronal representation of vibrotactile working memory content"
  • Judit Pekar (Felix Blankenburg) "Somatosensory mismatch negativity in a Markov chain roving Paradigm"
  • Lilla Horvath (Dirk Ostwald) "The neural correlates of value-based sequential decision making in uncertain environments"