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Doctoral Studies

Doctoral Studies

Students who are interested in joining the CCNB for a PhD project should contact the research group leader they are interested in working with. For administrative matters with respect to the department's PhD program, please contact the examination office:

In addition to the PhD program at the department, the CCNB collaborates with the following PhD programs in the wider  Berlin area:


The following PhD theses were completed at the CCNB


  • Simon Ludwig (Felix Blankenburg) "Sensory and working memory impairments, delayed decisions, and different action modalities within the somatosensory perception-action cycle"


  • Johannes Heereman (Hauke Heekeren) "Degrees of subjective uncertainty: processing and representation"


  • Yulia Oganian (Hauke Heekeren) "Cognitive and neural mechanisms of bilingual decision making: From visual word processing to decisions under risk"
  • Yan Fan (Malek Bajbouj) "Joint influence of early life stress and intranasal oxytocin on stress reactivity: Insights from brain connectivity"
  • Jakub Limanowski (Felix Blankenburg) "A Generative Model of Body Ownership and Minimal Selfhood"


  • Chun-Ting Hsu (Arthur Jacobs) "Textual emotion potential, fiction feelings, and immersion: an fMRI study testing the neurocognitive poetics model of literary reading"