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Call for Abstracts (closed)


challenges across borders, research and practices

International Conference for researchers and professionals

Berlin (Germany), 21st – 22nd, March 2019

It is our honor to invite you to join us at the second interdisciplinary international conference on “Child maltreatment and well-being: challenges across borders, research and practices” which will be held at Freie Universität Berlin (Germany), 21st – 22nd, March 2019. It is organized by an open network of researchers from Social Work, Educational Sciences, Sociology and Psychology who are working on child maltreatment and well-being in Croatia, Israel, Northern Ireland, the Netherlands, Catalonia (Spain) and Germany. The conference will be on the current circumstances in which children and young people are growing up, focusing on challenges concerning child maltreatment and well-being. This will be done through considering contemporary social developments across borders as well as current political frameworks

The conference is inviting an interdisciplinary community of scientists and professionals working in the field of child maltreatment and child well-being. In this setting we would like to discuss current circumstances and interexchange experiences from professional observations and scientific work. Our aim is to encourage a broad discussion on various fields which are concerned with child maltreatment and well-being. Topics will be:

  • Meanings of children´s well-being in institutions and families,
  • Children´s participation, children’s rights and children´s inclusion,
  • Prevention and disclosure of child abuse and violence against children,
  • (Re)organization of child protection,
  • Child protection in institutions (e.g. residential and non-residential care, schools, refugee camps),
  • Effects of poverty and other forms of inequality and social exclusion on children,
  • The situation of refugee children,
  • Socio-political and social frameworks for child protection work across borders
  • Research methods in research on child maltreatment and well-being, ethical questions.

With the conference we want to open a space to facilitate knowledge to cross boundaries of countries as well as disciplines.

The Call for Abstract is closed.