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Google Maps

From: Hotel Steglitz International (approximately 25 min)

Schlossstraße / Albrechtstraße 2

12165 Berlin

To Venue: Henry Ford Building at Freie Universität Berlin

Garystraße 35

14195 Berlin-Dahlem

From Hotel Steglitz International Hotel, you can walk to the bus station for about a minute. Head east on Albrechtstraße and make a U-turn.

The bus stop is called S+U Rathaus Steglitz (Berlin) [Bus Albrechtstraße].

Take the bus X83 in direction Königin-Luise-Str./Clayallee or Dahlem Dorf. After six stops, you arrive at U Dahlem Dorf. Exit the train here and go to the subway stop. Take the Underground U3 in direction U Krumme Lanke. Please get off at the next stop (Freie Universität / Thielplatz). From here, it is a short walk of about 6 minutes to the Henry Ford Building (For a detailed description of the walk, please click here).