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ProGanz – Joint professionalisation in pedagogical training for inclusive all-day elementary school (2023-2026)

Current Situation

The planned expansion of all-day care for primary school children by 2030 is accompanied by the challenge of qualitative implementing the educational and care services at schools. Inclusive all-day education requires an inclusive understanding of education, the joint design of all-day programs, multi-professional collaboration and also school development as a joint task of the educational staff. In view of these requirements, the question arises as to how the future educators of various professions should be prepared for this in their training or studies.

Aims of the Project

The research project, funded by the Senate Department for Education, Youth and Family, aims to clarify which conditions for success must exist for the joint training of educators for all-day primary school. The focus is on the professions that play a key role in connecting the pre-school and after-school areas: The teachers as well as the majority of the professional group of educators and childhood educators.

Project timeline

Phase 1: Describe the current status

In the first phase the research team takes a closer look on the training of teachers, childhood educators and educators in Berlin. This will be done (1) on the level of the institution by analysing module plans and curricula, (2) on the level of lecturers, subject leaders and other persons who have a good insight into the training and can provide information about this in focus, and (3) on the level of the trained professional groups in the career entry phase by examining the retrospective perception of their own training.

Phase 2: Identifying national and international best practice examples

In the second phase, best practice examples and conditions for success will be derived from existing international and national collaborative training formats on the basis of a document analysis and interviews with experts.

Phase 3: Transfer

In the final phase, the findings will be discussed with regional leaders from the educational administration and the institutions studied in Berlin. Measures for the joint professionalisation of prospective teachers, educators and childhood educators for inclusive all-day primary school in Berlin will be identified and developed.