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Virtual Conference 2022

Call for papers Conference 2022, Page 1

CALL FOR PAPERS - 2022 Virtual Conference of the WERA

Dear colleagues,

we are happy to announce our next virtual conference on November 3rd - 4th 2022 hold by Dr. Gil G. Noam and his Team. Therefore we invite you to submit your papers.

Please send your ideas and plans to ExtendedEducationConference22@gmail.com 
Deadline for statement of interest and ideas: August 30, 2022

If you have any questions, please send an email to Gil_Noam@Harvard.edu 

The aim of the 2022 Virtual WERA Extended Education Conference is to discuss extended education throughout the pandemic and the added parallel crises of global warming, economic instability, and the war in Ukraine. The COVID-19 pandemic demonstrated the fragility of school systems across the globe with massive school and afterschool closures and the unprepared onset of virtual learning. Fortunately, throughout this time, the importance of social emotional development, student engagement, resiliency, and well-being came to the fore. To address learning loss, trauma, and well-being now, we must develop innovations in school and community-based extended education practice, research and evaluation. This conference provides a platform for educational researchers and extended education professionals to collaborate in developing urgently needed strategies and approaches to development, learning, and thriving.

Organized by Dr. Gil G. Noam and Team

Call for Papers (PDF)